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OODIDOO is an art team creating meditative art in collaboration. The team was set up in 2017. 


The team currently consists of two visual artists, Jaana Kortelainen and Minna Rajala, and musician Hilkka-Liisa Vuori. 


The team originated from the discovery,

that group members had gained similar

experiences through practising different 

meditation traditions.   


Mappa Oodidoo.jpg

OODIDOO is an exploration into silent conciousness and the confluence of creativity and spirituality. Studying the present is an open and creative process for the team. The essential element in their work is the combination of visual creation and the chanting voice of the artists. OODIDOO can be manifested in various ways in the field of contempory art.


The word oodi, ode in English, signifies a song and a poem in ancient Greek, whereas the word  in the Japanese language denotes a way or an art towards realisation.



The OODIDOO method has several structured phases. Initially, the mind and body is tuned and prepared for meditation. In consequence the meditation synchronises the collective experience of the participants. When the character of the present moment is discovered, it helps to establish the mode of the vocal song. It also gives a theme for the process of image-making. The theme communicates itself in the collective sound-painting act with sound, movement and colour.


The style of chanting itself is derived from an ancient tradition of meditative harmonious song.

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