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Visual Artist

I am an artist and art educator working and living in Tampere.
My degree is Master of Arts (M.A.) from Aalto University and Master of Culture and Arts from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.

To me visual expression can be a way to seek connection with the invisible. The artistic process is guided by intuition, emotions, and longing for inner unity. Various techniques and materials are present and interact with the current process. My art works can be drawings, paintings, three-dimensional objects/spaces or media work. 

My growth to being an artist already began during the 90s, when I worked alongside Minna Rajala in conceptual and environmental art projects. The collaborative way of working with others and in connection with the environment is all very close to my heart; furthermore, those are also the basic elements in the projects of Art Team Oodidoo.

For about ten years I have applied various meditative tools, such as Vedic Art and TM meditation, to develop my creative work. Currently that search and study continues with Art Team Oodidoo.


Visual Arist

I am a visual artist who is specialized in meditative art. For two years in the 90s I studied the Japanese art of tea in Kyoto. Chado, the way of the tea, is a practice that originated in the zen-buddhist culture. I became a teacher and pioneer of chado in Finland.


Because of my forest activist background, I have an interest to discuss issues of ecology and humanity in my art. For years I worked in the field of conceptual and environmental art, mostly collaborating with Jaana Kortelainen. Depending on the idea of the work, I would use various materials and methods to produce participatory, place-related art, some events and installations.

Since 2007 my work has been nourished by the Vedic Art method which aims to develop one’s consciousness by making art. My painting has evolved into a meditative act where the image finds itself at its own rhythm. It usually develops an abstract form where light, colour and surface structure offer the viewer a space for contemplation. 


I live in the city of Lapua and teach art at Lapua Adult Education center and art school. My degree is Master of Arts (M.A.). What fascinates me in the collaboration of the Oodidoo group is its collective and multi-art journey into a meditative experience, the openness to something that is born of silence.



I am a doctor of music (DMus) and a music educator. Meditation with voice is my area of expertise. I teach, study and perform chants of the Middle Ages. My duo Vox Silentii (Johanna Korhonen & Hilkka-Liisa Vuori) has produced 13 cd’s of Gregorian Chant from different convents and orders, the closest being the chants of the Birgittine convent in Naantali, Finland. (One cd includes Finnish lullabies.) I live in Espoo, and I work as freelance educator and artist, additionally I teach Gregorian chant in at the Sibelius Academy, the University of Arts in Helsinki. 

For me, voice meditation is a shared journey with others, and as I chant, I am in relationship with the performance space and the world unseen. The touch of voice leads to contemplation, a collective state of mind in art. With Rajala and Kortelainen this journey is about to take flight. We have discovered a path where the silence of body, mind, sound and lines drawn come together. I feel the combination of sound and image as an effortless movement, dancelike, where each sound interacts with another, and every colour and drawing of a line reach out to connect.

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