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A small exhibition at Pyynikki, Tampere

The multi-art group Oodidoo presents its art in Tampere for the first time in the exhibition LaulukuviaChant Pictures.

Gallery Oranssi's small-scale exhibition features five chant pictures. Four of the chant pictures in the exhibition: Usva (Mist), Lähde (Source), Lohtu (Consolation) and Ikuinen (Eternal) are parts of the open process work Diarium Invisii, Diary of the Invisible (2017—). Chant picture Old Pine's Prayer was born from a meditation under a old pine growing on the ridge of Pyynikki. It is related to the on going ecological art project Weaving in the forest started by the group 2022.

Three of the exhibition's large-scale monotype prints have a pair of songs that can be listened to with headphones. In these compositions by the group's musicians, the starting point has been a monotypic image, the vocal song that gave birth to it, and the f-mode (a medieval tonal scale depicting deep joy).

Vocal duo Vox Silentii (Hilkka-Liisa Vuori and Johanna Korhonen) specializing in Gregorian music will perform the music. Its spatial recording was performed by light and sound artist, musical instrument inventor Petri Loues.

Gallery Oranssi is located at Palomäentie 30, 33230 Tampere and is open during the opening hours of Ekokampaamo Oranssi, tel. +358 50-5931721.

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