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CELLA fontana

Cella Fontana – The Temple of the Fountain
video, 9.37 min., 2020

I inhale, I sigh. I listen to how the quiet song, a simple vowel a resonates inside me, in my chest, in my whole body. I feel the vibration of the sound with my hands. The tide is moving – the sound and void silence my being. I ignite in that presence.

I feel the moment is unique, I feel the connection. A field where we resonate with each other when silence reaches us tenderly. And it draws us, like we were the paper. We listen to it, we give ourselves to it. We watch and witness what is happening through us, emerging from the moment. What is born?

With words we circle around and about, with the sound we come close, with the mode of the music we reach within. The movement flows through us. Color and substance receive it as a touch. The vibration rings in us. What stays with us?

A print, an image, a memory of the journey to the temple of the fountain, deep into the silence of the heart.

The video Cella Fontana - The Temple of the Fountain shows the creative work by the multi-media ArtTeam Oodidoo. The group explores the meditative experience in their art, which they depict communally through sound-meditation based on the experience itself.


The process of making a team-created representation is a way of approaching the invisible, visualizing a shared experience that is synchronized in meditation. Cella is an architectural term that refers to the innermost room of an ancient Greek temple which houses a statue of the deity of the temple.

In the temple of Oodidoo, in its place is the Fontana, the source, the heart of silence.  

In meditation, we build a temple where we can encounter the invisible in us – the sacred space, the center from which we encounter the world.


Quoting the philosopher Timo Klemola:

a person living in contact with the transcendent also feels that their life comes from a deep source.” (Klemola 1998, 141).* 


* Timo Klemola 1998. Ruumis liikkuu - liikkuuko henki? Fenomenologinen tutkimus liikunnan projekteista (”The body moves - does the spirit move? Phenomenological research on physical activity projects”, FITTY 66, Tampere).

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